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I am going to Momocon in Atlanta! Let me know if you're going!


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The lazy rule: Can`t reach what I dropped.. don`t need it.

I love Pandas, they`re so chill. They`re like "Dude, racism is stupid. I`m White, Black, and Asian..."

Mirror - "Ooh you look cute today!" Camara - "Lol, no."

Never say, “Oops.” Always say, “Ah, interesting!”

There’s no panic like trying to press `End Call` when you make an accidental call.

Lies Told In Texts - On my way. (When you actually haven`t even left the house.)

Lazy fact #75483959723, You were too lazy to read that number.

Dear boyfriend, Your wallet was getting fat so I thought I`d take it out for some exercise. Sincerely, Girlfriend.

Sleep is my drug, my bed is my dealer, & my alarm clock is the police.

That Awkward Moment when santa has the same wrapping paper as your mom.

that sexy face before you sneeze. ;)

Why do we use our blankets as shields at night? Like is the monster gonna be like ” oh shit…..they have a blanket..RRRUUUUNNN!!!!”

That awkward moment when you walk through the metal detectors at the airport, and your abs of steel set them off.

Oooooh, thats a bit too harsh. Let me put a `lol` at the end of it.

I tried to kill a spider with hair spray. It`s still alive, but its hair looks FABULOOOOUS!

It`s all a lie... the "Made in China" stickers are actually made in Mexico.

Saw a Chinese baby and a black kid wave at each other today. Gives me hope for the future. Or another Rush Hour movie.

When I have kids, I`ll make them watch 2012 movie and tell them I survived that..

``Can i see your phone?`` ``One second, *delete *delete *delete , here you go.``

I hate when people see me at the store & are like "hey what are you doing here?" Im like "Oh you know, hunting elephants."

That awkward moment when you see 9 year olds with boyfriends or girlfriends, while you`re still single.

"And I was like`...". "Really, you said that?" "No, but I was thinking it."

Mom look... mom come on.. MOM hurry... MOM... you missed it.

Barking back at dogs to show them who`s boss.

Dear Mom, how can you hear me mumble under my breath but you can’t hear me say "What?!" multiple times when you scream my name?

"Dad, I`m hungry." "Hi, Hungry. I`m Dad." "Dad, I`m serious." "I thought you were Hungry?" "Are you kidding me?" "Nope, I`m Dad."

*FIRE ALARM* Teacher: "Okay children, stay in your seats just for a minute." Student: "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn.."

"All you do is sit on that computer" Lies. I sit on the chair.

Age is just a number. Yeah, 911 is too.

That awkward when you already said "moment" in your head before you even read it..

I don`t care how old I am. It`s the fu*king ice cream truck were talking about.

I`m fairly sure that my cute next door neighbor thinks I`m a stalker. She wrote it on Facebook, Twitter, And even in both of her diaries.

2 girls wearing the same shirt- "That bitch, copied my style".. 2 boys wearing the same shirt- "Brother!! :D"

The Hardest Desicion of Our Childhood: Charmander, Squirtle or Baulbasaur.

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